On Saturday we took the 45 minute drive to Holter Lake to take a look at an upcoming listing on a Holter Lake Front Home.

On the way up to the lake between Craig and Holter the Missouri River was dotted with fisherman, either wading, floating or boating trying their luck at some late winter fishing. Temperature on the truck dash showed 34 degrees and the wind was blowing but the river was clear and these guys could not look happier to be out doing what they love.  In Montana everyday is a fishing day.

When we crested the top of the hill on Beartooth Road we could see that Holter Lake was still completely frozen over.  A few people were ice fishing just off the frozen over boat ramp but no one was venturing out very far.

Holter Lake Winter

Even though Holter Lake was icy cold and quiet, and the deer were the most active thing in sight, we could just imagine the fun and the sun that was on its way in a few short months.  The campers, boaters, ATV riders and Cabin Owners would soon return to enjoy all the Holter area has to offer.