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This entire site is dedicated to why people Call Great Falls Home. We welcome guest bloggers who would like to contribute. We are looking for diverse input on different topics.  We would like to know who and what attracted you to Great Falls and what kept you here in Great Falls, MT.  Please send me an email with your information and a brief description of why you would like to contribute.  We also encourage your suggestions for future posts.

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Great Falls Foreclosure Help

Foreclosure Solutions The current U.S. housing market and national financial crisis has caused untold stress and heartache for many American families. Foreclosure is one of the most devastating financial challenges that a family can face and one that many times can be...

Is Winter Finally Here?

It looks like Old Man Winter may have finally shown up. He is running a little late this year, and some of us thought maybe he got lost and wasn't coming. Well, this morning we are at 1 degree above zero and it is supposed to be chilly for at least the next few days....

Call Great Falls Home

This is a site dedicated to those of us who Call Great Falls Home.  You will find information about Real Estate, Rentals, Attractions, Activities and more.